Surgeon Information


We offer the latest in minimally invasive surgical equipment, along with superbly trained surgical staff who are eager to assist you.

The finest radiological, diagnostic, and laser equipment is also available to further support you with your procedures.

The two operative rooms are spacious and designed to optimize surgeon’s function and comfort.

These facets allow us to provide the best to those in the fields of

  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Sports Injury
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Spine Surgery
  • Orthopedic Trauma


Unsurpassed Service

We provide outstanding service to you and your patients.

We limit the number of staff surgeons in order to give each one priority scheduling and service.

We work closely with your office staff to help in the authorization process, and to make your schedule efficient and productive.

Our staff is available to assist your patients and their families in arranging for their scheduled procedure.

Our waiting room area is especially designed to provide a comfortable environment for the patient’s family.


Soothing Atmosphere

Our recovery room is designed, equipped and staffed to provide comfort, care and safety.

Before surgery, our nursing staff is available to help alleviate your patients’ concerns and ensure a comfortable recovery.


Superb Patient Care

We offer outstanding patient care inside and outside of the operating room.

Our anesthesia staff is comprised of select nurse anesthetist - CRNA who are skilled in outpatient anesthesia, and are knowledgeable about specific anesthesia requirements for each surgery.

Our OR technologists and first assistants not only have experience with the latest surgical equipment, but also have the skills required to assist the surgeon in challenging procedures.

Each one of our recovery room nurses has experience in both critical care and outpatient recovery.

To provide the highest degree of patient safety, we utilize the most sophisticated monitoring equipment.

We have a transfer agreement with local hospitals to accept our patients that require care beyond the first 23 hours.